Kilian Kleinschmidt

Radical change made reality


Kilian Kleinscmidt


Kilian has over 25 years hands-on experience in international development, emergency response, resource mobilization, and political/regional cooperation in a wide range of organizations (UN, NGOs), countries and programs.

Previous assignments include Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Deputy Representative for UNHCR in Kenya, Deputy to the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Assistance to Pakistan.

In his recent position as the UNHCR Mafraq Head of Sub-Office and Camp Manager for Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, the world’s second-largest refugee camp and the largest camp for Syrian refugees, he has exceeded all expectations and has achieved the impossible, transforming Za’atari from a chaotic and crime-ridden place to a thriving and stable community ready for its transition to the next phase of its development.


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Associated Expert

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Project Manager

Innovation & Planning Agency, USA

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