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Innovation and Planning Agency

Global Networking and Humanitarian Expertise

The global leader in identifying resources and matching them with needs of disadvantaged regions.

Bridging the gap

We democratize access to global knowhow by combining the best of global and local resources and networks into a unified ecosystem of innovation within dispossessed communities.

Overcoming borders

We connect disadvantaged populations and regions with the opportunities and technologies of the 21st century.

We connect the world’s capacities with the world’s needs.

We can transfer any knowledge, technology or money from one end of the world to the other in seconds.

Our world can find solutions for everything.

There’s an answer to most problems we face. We have the resources and capabilities to provide for the housing, energy, water and all other needs. But the resources of the world belong to few. They are unknown and unavailable to more than half of the world‘s population.

Digital revolution is changing the paradigm of how we communicate, produce energy and meet our day-to-day needs, through robotics, digital technologies, and disruptive innovation. The combined global wealth of knowledge from all communities and countries can save humanity.
And that is what we do:

We make the match and connect the world’s capacities with the world’s needs.


1 billion in 2014 live under unsafe, unhealthy conditions in slums, informal settlements or camps
3 billion by 2050 will live in informal Settlements – that is 1/3 of the world’s population
Nearly 3.5 billion people number among the total poverty headcount in 2015 (based on poverty line $3.70/day/person).
Wealth ratio between the richest and poorest countries was 44:1 in 1973 and will be 80:1 in 2015

The scope, scale and complexity of challenges facing the dispossessed require more efficient and innovative approaches.


The global inventory of social and innovative
resources and opportunities

We combine technological, social, financial and spatial innovations with the needs, talents and skills of dispossessed populations in several service lines.

IPA | switxboard makes the connection.

We communicate directly using simple structures and communication paths and facilitate a sharing of resources and ensure synergy. Cooperation then happens on site, valueing the human aspect of partnership.


Our activities: lean – quick – direct

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At the heart of IPA is switxboard, a database for connecting global technological, social, ecological and economic solutions to the world’s needs.

switxboard technically supports the identification and match of resources and needs and facilitates partnerships between providers and stakeholders.
switxboard supports to build a global network of trusted private and public partners, who connect in order to collaborate on the needs-based provision of innovative solutions and resources to dispossessed populations.