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Humanitarianism and social consciousness should no longer restricted to civil society organizations nor activists. The human centered approach needs to be integrated into businesses to deliver value to people and planet in every function by prioritizing transformative social impact while ensuring financial sustainability. Implementing and planning such impactful sustainable economic activities require diversifying funding streams, so social enterprises can be freed from “strings-attached” grant funding and corporate or individual donations and taking into consideration the connection between the five essential elements: People, Planet, Partners, Project and Profit.
IPA Switxboard, the Innovation and Planning Agency, operates according to the principles of the social and solidarity economy to fulfill a clear social mission: to contribute to sustainable development in its economic, social, environmental and participatory dimensions. Our Business Model brings together a group of people sharing the belief that every lucrative activity should have real impact on the planet, the community and people’s life. We work together to rethink the traditional business models and achieve economic growth by merging worlds that speak different languages and seek different goals and connecting opportunities that would hardly match anywhere else, the way a switchboard would do.






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